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Monday, November 12, 2007

My Car

My car/van has survived our busy life for the past 5 years. It is a big chevy astro van that is very ugly/aqua, but I am grateful for the space. I have comtemplated getting it painted, but then everyone who already knows us would not recognize the "Thompson battlewagon". So, for that reason and not having the money, it remains ugly. Some positive things about my van is that it killed a deer once and the kids did not wake up! Very safe. The negative part of my van is that we have put over 190,000 thous. miles on it. It keeps breaking. So, do we buy or keep repairing? That is the question of the day as I turned the van into the shop. I am blessed with friends who do not mind hauling me around town and feel lucky. Well, this is my first blog and I plan to journal every few days....



Anonymous said...

I think it is time for a car. Go to carmax, set a budget, don't go over it. Get something reliable, within your price range. That's what I did, and you'll be surprised what you can get. I also know about the no money thing. Somehow, it always comes from "somewhere," especially if you are faithful in giving back to church or charity, or community.
Love you W. Amanda

HAM said...

We were having that dilemma with the Volvo wagon that I loved, but it kept breaking...Our answer was Dad traded with us and we have mom's old car that is 4 years newer than the Volvo and he is fixing the Wagon because it really is a good car.  Any chance you could get that lucky? ;)