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Monday, June 20, 2011

Palmetto Bible Camp 2011

Wow! What an amazing time I had this past week at Palmetto Bible Camp in the beautiful mountains of SC! The evenings were in the 60s and most days did not get over 90. We had many, many weather/electrical issues which made camp so much more interesting to me. At least 18 hours of NO ELECTRICITY! I love being a counselor for my little girls. They are so uninhibited and everything is new and exciting. This year, my girls loved collecting little frogs. They even made a birdhouse to hold these frogs. Some of the girls dug holes on Monday to hide 'treasure' and then pulled these treasures out on Friday. Fun!
Sometimes, camp is hard for me because of the heat, lack of sleep and getting sick, but this year I did not have any major issues. I believe this was my best/favorite year at camp as a staff. God is so good to take care of all of us. The worship was amazing and I cried almost every day during times of praise. I learned a new song about not being afraid that touched my spirit.
I already miss everyone. I made some amazing new friends and cannot wait until next year. Andrew got sick on Monday so his voice was shot and then Sarah's voice went on Thursday. She still performed at the talent show and everyone LOVED it. Drew had a blast too. He gave me a hug at least once a day. Overall this year seemed to be very relaxed. Everyone did their job with amazing grace and a smile. My prayers and blessings to to friends Tommy and Becky who are about to leave the country to do mission work. God is good in the good times and bad....